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About Us

An Entrepreneur and Mother to five,  Professional and Personal Restructure in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Advancing Environmental Stewardship, and Personal Passion for Helping Other Parents Proactively Prepare for repetitive flu and seasonal allergy too! 

Founder, Designer, and Curator of The Original Drinking Kit for kids, Kristen Tansey, felt compelled to develop a safer face mask.  An individualized face mask that could remain to protect the face and nose while drinking through a dedicated straw port.   

Kristen's children have compromised immune systems, like so many children. Kristen knew that her rising 5th grader would need to drink plenty of water, in response to his Type 1 Diabetes often throughout the day, at school, and enrolled in after-school programs. When my kids are required to hydrate, they would've had to shift the mask, or worse remove it completely to drink. Currently, neither option was safe nor practical during every child's new normal.

The manageable reality is that whether Kristen's children, just like all children who will now need to virtually learn, carpool, attend after school programs, daycare and/or attend school in person, Kristen's mission as a Mom was plain & simple: To be ready and proactive, equipping all children with what she made for her own children: The Kid Safe Drinking Kit.  A timely school solution, during a critical time, that promotes environmental sustainability.  Imagine how many disposable straws and plastic mask storage bags we can avoid using that will be poisoning our environment. By prioritizing our kids' health and safety, we bundled a sensible way to better protect our planet at the same time!